Almost one-third of Americans entering the work force today (3 in 10) will become disabled before they retire.¹

Applications for Social Security benefits increased by 21%, but only 35% of the 2.8 million workers who applied for SSDI were approved.²

Why do your clients need individual disability insurance?

Disability protection is crucial to a solid financial foundation. Unfortunately, most clients don't realize how important protection is until it's too late - after they become sick or injured and cannot work. The chances of suffering a disability are higher than one might think and the effects can be devastating to individuals and their families.

Disability Partner offers the complete solution to help protect individuals and business owners from the threat of a disability, including:

Disability Income  Protection® - provides personal income protection for individuals to help pay everyday living expenses.

Business Overhead Expense Protection® - reimburses owners for business expenses (including employee salaries) while disabled, to help keep the doors of a business open and profitable. 

Disability Buy-Out Protection® - funds a buy-sell agreement to buy out a disabled business owner to help keep the business value intact and ensure its succession.

1 - Social Security Administration, Fact Sheet Jan 2009
2 - Social Security Administration, Office of Disability and Income Security Programs

One-Stop Source: Disability Partner gives you a one-stop point of contact for all of your clients' DI needs. You have access to the leading DI carriers, superior service, and the best support and experience in the industry.

Superior Presentations: The best carriers and seasoned experts insure your presentations are competitive and fit your client's needs.

Service You Can Count On: From your first call to us -- to your everyday needs -- you'll discover a level of service that supports your success. Sales, underwriting and administrative professionals are here to customize a DI plan for your client needs and provide the full support you need.

Full Support: When you need help with a point of sale, want a training seminar for your agency, or have a simple question, we can help. Disability Partner is your individual disability insurance expert.

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