Disability Insurance is for Everyone.

Together, we can help your clients maintain their standard of living if an unexpected injury or illness should occur during their working years.

We provide quality disability insurance products from the blue collar workers to professionals and executives. Find out what we can do for you and your clients.

Disability Income Protection

Disability happens . . . and talking to your clients about planning for it can be a difficult conversation. No one wants to imagine themselves getting sick or injured and most people think that it just won’t happen to them. Statistics show that the odds of a wage earner experiencing a disability for 3 months or longer are actually higher than 30% (about the same odds as totaling your automobile). An unexpected disability caused by illness or injury can be devastating to a person’s livelihood and their family’s security.

Who should invest in individual disability?

The answer is anyone with an income. It’s simple. If one becomes disabled and cannot work, they will need an individual disability plan in place to protect themselves and their families. Even those who have an employer sponsored plan may want to supplement with an individual policy, as most group plans only cover up to 60% of income, which can be taxable. An individual plan can kick in an additional 10-20% to help your client protect their lifestyle.


One-Stop Source: Disability Partner gives you a one-stop point of contact for all of your clients' DI needs. You have access to the leading DI carriers, superior service, and the best support and experience in the industry.

Superior Presentations: The best carriers and seasoned experts insure your presentations are competitive and fit your client's needs.

Service You Can Count On: From your first call to us -- to your everyday needs -- you'll discover a level of service that supports your success. Sales, underwriting and administrative professionals are here to customize a DI plan for your client needs and provide the full support you need.

Full Support: When you need help with a point of sale, want a training seminar for your agency, or have a simple question, we can help. Disability Partner is your individual disability insurance expert.

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